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torch_high's Journal

Torchwood High School - Not Your Usual School
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Hi! This is your friendly mod entropynchaos speaking.

This is a community for Torchwood - but not the wonderful Torchwood we've all come to know and love...

No - this is...TORCHWOOD HIGH!

No! I hear you cry. Impossible! I hear you scream.

But yes! Torchwood High is now a community set up to house that guilty little pleasure we like to call 'high-school' fic. Due to the extreme amount of comments my little post over at torch_wood ( http://community.livejournal.com/torch_wood/758641.html ) managed to generate...and the comment by breakrific (so you can blame them! *grins*)...I was inspired (told by breakrific) to create a community.

We accept anything from fic to art - with the proviso that it's high-school based. Pre-Torchwood, AU, Funky-Alien-Artefact inspired...Anything. Let your imaginations run wild!

So...fly my little monkeys...fly!

EDIT: The wonderful breakrific is our new co-maintainer! Three cheers for breakrific! (Oh, apparently we're not mods...we're MAINTAINERS. 0_o Whatever!)