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Ficlet: Watching you, Watching Me: NC-17

Title: Watching You, Watching Me.
Author: avon_09
Team Players: Ianto, Jack, Gwen, Owen plus others
Disclaimers: Not mine, if they were I wouldn't share.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Beta: fatchickengirl

This is for entropynchaos and breakrific, I hope you like it. Also for the lovely szm, for letting me dip a toe into your world. Thank you.

Summary: There are some strangers at Ianto's school, only one of them isn't unknown.

He’s watching me. I can feel his gaze boring into the back of my head. If I turn round I will see him staring at me, no-one else, just me.

Why me?

I know this man. He’s been watching me my whole life. He never changes. No, that’s impossible. He must have changed a bit. He just looks sadder somehow from the last time. When was it? At least five years ago. He’s still sexy though. I want to touch that hair, those lips. No, no. Mustn’t have thoughts like that. I can see him staring at me.

I can see him staring at me. Even though he is behind me. I can see the policewoman in front of me. And that miserable git in the black jacket. I can hear her rabbiting away. Something about reporting strange occurrences. What’s that about I wonder?

I can see him staring at me. He licks his lips; a nervous gesture. Why is he nervous? Is it me? Ianto Jones, the weediest geek in the sixth form, making the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen, nervous. I smile slightly at that ridiculous thought. The policewoman, Gwen, pauses and looks at me. Then looks over my head. He shakes his head slightly. She continues her speech.

I give up pretending to listen to her. My whole attention is focused on the one in charge. I don’t pretend to know how I know he is here for me, or how I can see him when he is perched by the sink in the corner of the room. I lean back slightly. Oh God, I’ve got an erection. Shit. He knows. The bastard knows because he’s smiling now. A smirk on his face which tells me that changing position won’t help.

I’m going to kill him. I don’t care how. The bastard is deliberately arousing me now. I bet half this class have hard-ons, but I’ll bet the rest of them have because of her, not the ‘old bloke’ behind.

Ok, now this is weird. The miserable git in the corner is looking at my desk and grinning. My desk is no different from anyone else’s. All the pens are lined up in the corner and the pencils are sharpened but apart from that…. what is he smirking at?

My erection feels like it’s going to explode. I wonder if I’ve got time to jerk off in the loos before the next class.

What….what is he doing? He is licking me. He is on his hands and knees, unzipping my trousers, and licking my cock in front of the whole class. No he’s not. He hasn’t moved. He is still in the same position. Fuck, he’s swallowing me whole. The bastard is sucking my cock right down while he is watching me from the corner of the room. I’ve gone bright red and my breath is coming in short pants. Gwen is looking at me quizzically, then she sends a disgusted look to the bastard by the sink. I look at her, pleading for release from this torture, this pleasure, this………ah……too late…pumping, I’m pumping down his throat. He swallows and licks his lips, then gives me the broadest, most salacious grin I have ever seen.

I look down, utterly humiliated, expecting to see a stain over my trousers. Nothing. What just happened to me? Was I just mind-fucked or did it really happen? I can hear the teacher saying thank you to Gwen and the other bloke (what did he do?). I don’t look up. I don’t think I can face looking at her again. She knew! He leaves before the others. I feel a soft kiss on my cheek as he walks out of the door.

Gwen almost walks past me then leans over my desk. I look up, blushing furiously.

“Don’t worry, pet. You get your own back better than you can ever imagine. I promise!” She smiles at me and to a chorus of “Way to go, Jones“ and “She fancies you, Jones.” she follows the two men out of the room.

I feel comforted by her comments and a little worried. This isn’t over then, whatever ‘it’ is. And as for the others in the class. If only they knew…..
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So...I'm replying here...

*bounces for joy*

I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!!!

Wow...just...wow! ^_^ You, my dear, are amazing!
Oh good. Should have another one for you next week(ish).
...How is it that you keep getting nicer and more wonderful? 0_o
OMG you beat me to it! I'm writin a fic too - i can't believe torch-high tool so long to get posts coming in!

Anyway - on to the fic - it was great! Well done!

They did ask very nicely. Thanks:)
Gah, you're awesome! You wrote something! *bounces*

I loved it! Interesting idea the mind-fuck-or-not thingy and that Ianto could see Jack even though he actually couldn't.

Gwen and the other bloke (what did he do?)
Haha, I loved this line :D

Thanks for writing :)
I promised you I would write! Now you need to get some more!! Will post you another in a couple of weeks. I think Ianto needs to get his revenge, don't you??!!
Heh, yeah, you did :) You can't imagine how much I squeed when I saw it posted today :D

Well, getting some more is the plan, but we don't want to promote (again) until we have an actual design and an idea how to manage this comm (if we'll post challenges or prompts to inspire people, this kinda stuff).

He so totally does!! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with :)
I'll happily help wherever possible. I love writing fic!!
Wow! I LOVE you! I think that's the first fic I've ever read with mind sex ;P
Absoloutely gourgeous, darling.
xoxo Kalynda
I seriously enjoyed writing this one! Writing the revenge was very sweet as well! *hugs*
Wait! Is there a second one?!?!?
Love you!!!!!!!!
P.S - Oh, I got new icons! I made one especially for you to show that I am a lover of Ianto/Jack. Using it now. *points above*
Cariad means love or sweetheart or beloved or a lot of other lovey dovey things in Welsh. (I also have a Gwen/Owen one just to annoy you ;P)
I wrote two sequels http://avon-09.livejournal.com/14602.html and http://avon-09.livejournal.com/15804.html.

I'll have a look at your icons later..Jack/Ianto...oh yummy.